You, me, him, her, they—all of us: The Future is Inclusive

You, me, him, her, they—all of us: The Future is Inclusive
We are in the midst of an evolution—and a revolution. We are fighting for a future that is inclusive—of you, me, him, her, they, all of us. In that future, all are welcome. In that future, all are accepted for who they are.
In the spirit of inclusivity, here are a few ways we can all be inclusive and supportive of the LGBTQ+ community in our daily lives.
1. Don’t make assumptions. This goes for pronouns, partner status, sexuality, etc. Also, keep in mind that someone may be out to you, but not everyone, so be respectful of boundaries. When in doubt, ask. Communication is the way to avoid misunderstandings and unintended hurt.
2. Educate yourself. Tre Temperilli, who identifies as gender ambivalent, said, “We all have to lift. So roll up your sleeves and Google some things. Participate in your own evolution.” If you want to be a true ally, do your own research on LGBTQ+ topics. Don’t expect each of the LGBTQ+ people you know to be your educators.
3. Make an effort to use the right terms. It’s okay to admit you don’t always know the right term. You can ask. If you don’t know the right pronoun someone uses, for example, ask. They will likely respect that you care to be informed. If you make some good faith mistakes, that’s okay. Apologies and openness go a long way.
4. Stick up for people. If you hear someone misgender a trans person, gently correct them. If you hear someone use a derogatory term or tell a homophobic joke, call them in. We love that our own community pushes us toward progress; it's what we're here for!
5. Take action for the LGBTQ+ community. There are so many ways to do this—from encouraging your company to sponsor a float in your local Pride parade to calling representatives about transgender rights legislation.
For the rest of June, we’ll be donating a portion of our proceeds to the Human Rights Campaign. In the spirit of transparency, we invite you to visit our shop blog where we always post all our receipts. 
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