Human Rights Campaign | A Donation

"Equality for ALL, not for some".

Many thanks to all who made purchases in June and allowed us the privilege of donating $500 to the Human Rights Campaign.

From the Human Rights Campaign:

Your support is helping to:

  • Protect Our Progress. Last year, states across the country introduced hundreds of anti-LGBTQ bills aiming to legalize discrimination. We expect more in the next year — and need our grassroots army of members and supporters to push back against every single one.
  • Protect Our Health and Safety. The pandemic continues to disproportionately impact the LGBTQ community, as many lack access to health care, are living with pre-existing conditions that leave us vulnerable and have jobs that put us at greater risk of exposure to COVID-19. We must keep fighting and supporting one another.
  • Protect Our Most Vulnerable. For too long, LGBTQ people of color and transgender people have been left behind, facing systemic discrimination in every aspect of life. The Human Rights Campaign exists to build a better future for everyone in our movement. With your commitment today, you will help us protect the rights and the lives of the most marginalized among us.

We are so much stronger together!

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