Women Supporting Women

We are a women-owned business dedicated to supporting organizations that share our feminist values.

Sustainably Made

Our t-shirts are made at a sustainable factory in Peru where more than 70% of the workers are women. The factory offers fair pay, fair hours, and profit sharing, and they give back to their community.


We offer shipping in our compostable packaging—because our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our t-shirts.

Curated Collections

For the love of tees

Our Story

Most of us have an early memory surrounding a t-shirt; that souvenir shirt you pined for on a family vacation, that obnoxious holiday sweater your grandma bought you that smelled like moth balls, that shirt you bought at your first concert, that shirt your mom insisted you wear...

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Other collections

From prints for your walls, mugs for your coffee, and onesies for your babies -- we've got you covered.

We heart the environment

Our shirts are sustainably made -- and so is our packaging. It's reusable as art and compostable.