From Onesies to Kids’ Clothing: When should babies stop wearing onesies?

From Onesies to Kids’ Clothing: When should babies stop wearing onesies?

When it comes to dressing your little one, there’s a style that’s always in season for babies—The Onesie. Not only are onesies versatile and adorable (our Future Voter and Happy Camper onesies are some of our favorites), they also provide the utmost convenience for diaper changes and all-in-one outfits. Whether it's short-sleeved bodysuits for sunny days or cozy rompers for bedtime, onesies are the go-to choice. However, as your baby grows and you size up, you'll eventually come to the bittersweet realization: Most onesies stop after 18-24 months. The good news is that our Kids Graphic Tees are equally sweet and come in even more styles. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s unravel the milestones that signify the transition from the iconic onesie to the next chapter of children’s clothing.


child with curly hair wears kids shirt that says "luscious locks aren't only for ladies"

When your baby is on the move

 It’s exciting when your little one takes those adorable and wobbly first steps. But with those tiny feet now on the move, it's time to consider a wardrobe switch-up that'll make your life a whole lot easier. Instead of fussing with button-up onesies, opt for shirts and pants that are easy to slip on. That way, whether your baby needs an outfit change or is squirming around on the changing table, you can get them dressed quickly and be on your way.


baby wears onesie that says "merry and bright"

When your baby goes to daycare

 As a new parent, you know that the dirty diaper struggle is real and you're constantly looking for ways to make life easier for you and your baby. One trick many parents swear by is putting their little ones in two-piece outfits, especially if they go to daycare. This simple outfit choice can save daycare providers time and effort because it lets them easily check for dirty diapers without resorting to the dreaded sniff test. This is especially helpful if your baby is particularly active and requires frequent diaper changes throughout the day.

two kids wears shirts saying "readers are leaders" and "sharing is caring"

When they’re potty training

Ah, the joys of potty training! While it's an exciting milestone for your little one, it can also bring some challenges for us parents. One of the biggest challenges is figuring out what clothing is best to dress your toddler in during this time. As much as we love onesies and bodysuits for their convenience, they can become a hassle when it comes to potty training. Let's face it - accidents are bound to happen, and removing a soiled onesie is not ideal. That's why it's best to switch to pants for this phase. Plus, as your toddler becomes more independent and learns to use the potty on their own, you'll want to encourage them to pull down their own pants. After all, it's all about preparing them for preschool and being self-sufficient. So, embrace the pants and get ready to cheer on your little one during this transitional time.

little boy wearing a "readers are leaders" shirt

When sizing doesn’t fit them anymore

As a parent, many moments tug at your heartstrings and signify that your little one is growing up. One of those moments is realizing that your baby has outgrown the largest size of onesies and it's time to switch to shirts. While bittersweet, it’s also exciting and opens up so many fun outfit possibilities to let their style shine.  Shirts also offer a practical advantage over onesies, making slipping on and off easier after messy meal times or play sessions. So, if you find yourself moving into the children’s clothing category, know it's perfectly natural to feel a little bit teary-eyed about the end of the onesie era. But take heart in the fact that this new stage is full of adventure, discovery, and clothes that reflect their growing personality.


baby wearing "shits and giggles" onesie


When you don’t want to pass up our kids' t-shirt designs

We've got an incredible collection of kid t-shirts that are absolutely taking over. From our Wake Up America Shirt for the little rebels to our Mama Tried Ringer Tee that will make you smile, you'll find a variety of designs with sizing starting at 18 months. And they're not just cute, they're super comfy too! With Back to School styles and uplifting quotes, these tees are all about inspiring your little one to conquer the world.  But the real kicker? Our tees are kid-tested and approved, sustainably made, and high quality so your little one can transition from onesies in the most comfy way possible.

Ultimately, deciding to transition away from onesies for your baby is entirely up to you and your personal preferences. Regardless of when you choose to switch, our shop offers a variety of shirts you can add to the onesie rotation and see how it goes. As your baby becomes more comfortable, gradually add more clothes. While letting go of the onesie era can be full of mixed emotions, witnessing the next chapter is truly an exciting journey.



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