What is the difference between a t-shirt and a graphic tee?

What is the difference between a t-shirt and a graphic tee?

When it comes to fashion, one of the most versatile clothing items is the t-shirt. It's simple, comfortable, and easy to style. But what sets a graphic tee apart from a regular t-shirt? This blog will dive into graphic tees and explore their unique features, care instructions, and top picks from The Bee & The Fox.

What is a graphic tee?

First and foremost, a graphic tee is a t-shirt with some kind of graphic design on it. This can range from bold typography to eye-catching illustrations or photographs. Graphic tees, necklines, sleeves, and hem finishes come in various styles. You can find them with a classic crew neck or a trendy scoop neck, short or long sleeves, and a straight or asymmetrical hem. The endless possibilities are part of what makes graphic tees so popular.

How are graphic tees different from regular t-shirts?

What sets a graphic tee apart from a regular t-shirt is its design and message. People wear graphic tees to express themselves, whether it's through a punny slogan, a band logo, a social justice message, or a beloved pop culture reference. Graphic tees are a form of visual storytelling that allows you to showcase your personality or beliefs without saying a word.

Typical care instructions for graphic tees

When caring for graphic tees, the key is to follow the care instructions on the tag. Most graphic tees are made from cotton, which can shrink in the wash if not treated properly. To avoid this, wash your graphic tees in cold water on a gentle cycle with like colors. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, which can damage the graphic design. Instead, opt for a mild detergent and hang dry or tumble dry on low heat. If you need to iron your graphic tee, do so inside out on a low heat setting to protect the design.

Now that we've covered the basics of graphic tees, let's move on to our top picks from The Bee & The Fox. Our brand is known for its vintage-inspired graphic tees that feature witty sayings, retro designs, and empowering messages. Here are some of our favorites below.

Our favorite graphic tees

Mom shirts

From crewnecks and scoop necks, to tanks, sweatshirts and ringer tees, this collection features a variety of styles for women that celebrate motherhood. A classic favorite is our Tough as a Mother shirt which features red embroidered detailing on a classic fitted tee. A close second is our Mama Bird Shirt. Perfect for all the mamas out there, this charming fitted crewneck also comes in a tank and classic unisex fit with sizes ranging from XS to 4XL.

Feminist shirts

Our Sisterhood Collection celebrates the strength, bonds, and magic of female friendships. Choose from tanks, muscle tees, crewnecks, scoop necks, ringers, and sweatshirts with empowering and cheeky statements—like our Do No Harm + But Take No Shit unisex tee or the Bad Mama Jama ringer tee.

Dad shirts

We didn’t forget about the guys—our men’s collection features unisex crewneck shirts in sizes S to XXL. Our Don’t Mess with Papa shirt and Family Man relaxed tee make the perfect gift for all the dads out there.

Ringer tees

Our Ringer Tees are the epitome of throwback style and the perfect vintage addition to your wardrobe with countless styles to choose from. But don't let the retro vibe fool you—these tees are made from top quality materials and are garment-dyed and enzyme-washed to ensure they're oh-so-soft.

Overall, graphic tees are a fun and expressive way to showcase your personality and beliefs. From witty slogans to unique styles, there's a graphic tee for everyone. Just remember to follow the care instructions and treat your graphic tees with care so they can continue telling your story for years to come.

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