Meet Chloe` Flowers

Meet Chloe` Flowers

Introducing Chloe` Flowers: woman, mother, educator, healer. 

Kindly introduce yourself.

I am Chloe` Flowers. Being a woman is my favorite identity. The older I get, the more I recognize the power in femininity and womanhood. I have a son named Phoenix who turns 4 this summer. Raising him is one of my biggest accomplishments and obstacles. He challenges me daily and shows me the most beautiful parts of myself. I'm a highschool teacher and this role feeds my desire to do community work. As an educator, I am allowed to be an instructor and learner of life. Overall, I am a healer, bringing promise to all that I encounter. 

Tell us about an 'Ode to 20s'...


‘Ode to 20s’ is a love letter dedicated to women in their 20’s. That decade is such an intense part of a woman's life. There are many lessons to be learned and failures to face. I created a zine that touches on topics we are sometimes hesitant to discuss publicly. I address : love, romance, sexuality, our relationship with our mother, the isms of being black, financial advice, self comparison, moving, navigating friendships with other women, mental health and honoring our inner Goddess. ‘Ode to 20s’ was created to save women time ! I wanted to share some of my personal experience and insight so that some lessons could be learned sooner and allow more ease for women in that chapter of their lives. 


What prompted it?


Ode to 20s was born last spring in the height of the pandemic and George Floyds’ murder. I felt like giving back in a way that offered longevity. I ached for black women and humans in general. We are all more alike than different, and knowing that can create growth. A lot of times it just takes one person to say something out loud to make others feel comfortable enough to address it. ‘Ode to 20s’ was me being brave and putting it all on the table - even if it is taboo. 


What does it include?


‘Ode to 20s’ includes 12 chapters of the most important pillars of life. Each chapter consists of short and raw story ramblings. The short stories are followed by reflection questions intended to bring you closer to yourself.  This is a sacred book, meant to be used when you are looking within and need a little inspiration. 


Who do you hope to reach?


To be very specific, I hope to reach someone in their twenties who’s in the middle of a heartbreak or a life crisis. I hope to reach someone who wants to do “the work” and get to know themselves better. I hope to reach a woman who is at a crossroads and is ready to unpack ancestral trauma. I hope to reach someone who is happy, but wants to be happier. Anyone who is ready to grow is who I hope to reach. 


You cover a lot of different topics in the book, is there one that is particularly close to you? 


“Being A Goddess and Doing Goddess Work” is my most adored chapter. Once women realize how much power they have - they are UNSTOPPABLE. At 29, I now know what I am capable of. I know my worth. I know that I can manifest anything I want. I wish I had realized sooner ! This chapter is reminding women of WHO THEY ARE. I feel this is the most inspiring chapter and is dedicated to lifting the woman up as high as possible. 


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Chloe` is wearing our Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman + Bad Mama Jama tees

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