Nobody's Perfekt | Ringer Tee

Nobody's Perfekt | Ringer Tee

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Professionally screen printed on a dusty sage tee with light red trim, light red ink. 

100% cotton

Available in sizes 18M, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Suggested sizing:
Size 18M: 27-30 lbs.
Size 2: 31-34 lbs.
Size 4: 35-41 lbs.
Size 6: 42-45 lbs.

In general: Size two can fit children ages 1-3, size four can fit children ages 3-5, and so on and so forth. Please size up or down according to your child's size.

We recommend washing in cold water, on the delicate cycle. Tumble dry low heat.