Women's March

At our local women’s march last year, people chanted, “This is what democracy looks like” while whooping and clapping. It gave us chills. Tangible solidarity. It was truly amazing to see people come together, not just in cities around the US, but around the world.

A year later, the spirit is still alive. Some may say even more now than ever. It was just announced that this year’s women’s march is heading to Las Vegas (with smaller marches in cities around the country). Why Las Vegas? Organizers say Nevada is representative of a lot of the issues affecting our country as a whole. As we all know, just a couple months ago, Las Vegas was the site of America’s deadliest mass shooting to date. Just recently, Representative Ruben Kihuen was accused of groping a female lobbyist and sending her shirtless photos. And Nevada is among the all-important states that could see congressional seats flip from Republican to Democrat in 2018.

The women’s march isn’t just about women. It’s about all human rights. It’s about all of us. It’s about activism and empowerment and fighting for what matters. If there’s one positive from all the political turmoil of the last couple years, it’s that people have awakened from what many describe as a state of complacency. We are all so much more aware and interested in what we can do to make the world better. Now let’s do it. After all, this is what democracy looks like.

To find a march near you, just Google your area. For those of you in California, here are links to some of the bigger marches here:
San Francisco (https://womensmarchbayarea.org/)
Los Angeles (https://womensmarchla.org/)
Orange County (http://www.ocwomensmarch.org/)
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