Women Unite

We are a company for all women. Let's show each other some solidarity today and remind the world what we're made of.

A portion of today's proceeds will be donated to the American Association of University Women (AAUW), the nation’s leading voice promoting equity and education for women and girls. Their latest campaign, Stand Up to Sexism, raises awareness about sexist microaggressions that contribute to the gender inequality gap. This gap creates a culture where a woman's work is devalued, often leading to women devaluing themselves. Visit the campaign website to share your story, get empowered, and urge elected officials to fight to protect women's rights.

Anyone, anywhere, can join by making March 8th A Day Without a Woman, in one or all of the following ways:

  1. Women take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor

  2. Avoid shopping for one day (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses).

  3. Wear RED in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman

Use coupon code FORWOMEN for 10% off any order or coupon code EQUALITY for 20% off any order over $50. And if you wish to make a straight donation, we encourage you to visit AAUW's site for more information. 


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