So Fresh & So Clean

So Fresh & So Clean

A few things to note:

-We've added several new items that can be found in the 'vintage' section of our shop, including our one-of-a-kind embroidered 'Mama Bird' tees. We actually don't want you to buy them because we want to keep them for ourselves.

-We've cleaned up a lot of the listings, please use the drop-down menus to see all options. And if you find any leftover dust, please send a broom. 

-We've introduced our 'my boss is an asshole' mug. They can be found in our 'home' section and we recommend filling them with scotch. But you can use them for coffee, too.

-If you have any questions, please take a look through our FAQs and if you still have a question, go to hell. Or send us an email if the summer heat has you dreading the other option.

And lastly, many thanks to all who ordered to help benefit the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The magnitude of damage, I think we can all agree, definitely calls for us to take action. We hope you all continue to donate and help in whatever way you can. Even if it's just smiling at fellow mankind on the street. Because in times like these we all need to feel the camaraderie of simply being human. 

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