How to Store Your Sweatshirts Until You Need Them

How to Store Your Sweatshirts Until You Need Them

Sweater weather is finally here, and it's time to rock your favorite sweatshirts for a cozy, effortless style. And while we love cold-weather fashion, we're always searching for the best way to store sweatshirts to maximize closet space. Is it better to fold or hang them? Stack or roll them? We've explored all the options and narrowed it down to the ultimate strategies to help you slay the sweatshirt style game this season. Get ready because we've got the tips you need!


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To hang or fold?

While people choose to hang their t-shirts since it's easy to see all of them at once, it is not the go-to for sweatshirts. Over time, hanging your sweatshirts can cause shoulder deformities, leading to an uneven and unsightly look. It also puts weight on the neck hem, which can stretch out the neckline, leaving it looking loose and baggy, which no one wants. If you're going to maintain the shape and fit of your sweatshirts, fold and store them. But if hanging is your only option, just be sure to use thin, padded hangers.


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How to maximize space

The most efficient way to store sweatshirts is by folding and stacking them neatly. When doing this, align the seams and creases to keep them neat and clean. Additionally, we recommend using drawer organizers to keep your sweatshirts tidy and easy to find. This organization will also help you save space. Lastly, under-the-bed storage is an excellent option for those with limited closet space.


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What about rolling?

Short on space and can't find enough room in your drawers to fold and store your sweatshirts? The good news is that rolling is an acceptable alternative. Rolling your clothes saves more space and makes a difference in the organization and tidiness of your closet or drawers. Just make sure you roll them correctly— Start by folding the sleeves, then fold the middle, and finally, start rolling the sweatshirt up towards the neckline, and voila, you have a neat rolled up sweatshirt.


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 Storing your sweatshirts and sweaters isn't something people often think about, but it shouldn't be overlooked. How you store them can extend their lifespan and keep them looking good for as long as possible. In summary, folding is the most efficient way to store your sweatshirts, and it's important to note that they should never hang to prevent deformities and neckline stretching. However, rolling your sweatshirts can be a great space-saving alternative if you're running out of drawer space. With these tips, you can keep your Bee & The Fox sweatshirts organized and looking brand new every winter season. Happy storing!
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