We will be taking a shipping hiatus from 9/15 to 9/29 with any orders placed during this timeframe set to ship 9/30.

$11,479.40 | For RAICES

$11,479.40 | For RAICES

We're blown away. My girl and I sat at a neighborhood bar last night watching the orders roll in while ignoring the stumblers, all the blood shot eyes, and the live honky tonk music that ordinarily would have had our boots a' scootin'. We talked about how there is good in the world. How surely there are injustices deeply rooted in both our history as a nation as well as in our present day. Atrocities that get no media attention and never will. I think it's easy to get pulled into the hole of pointing fingers, passing the buck, and of dismissing bad behavior because it's been bad for a long time; like a needle prick that keeps stabbing you in the same spot only you've become numb because of the scar tissue. In the end, I believe - and we believe, as a company - that when you know better, you do better.

Ya'll came out in droves and the best part is that is was not for some pinned new release or some advertised sale, but for donation. Saying 'thank you' seems to imply some sort of gratitude for something we received, but it's not an "us" and a "you", not a taker and a giver, but only WE. We came together; all of us. A communal effort with several of you sharing via social media with your friends and followers and hundreds of you placing orders.

We're still a relatively new business and the truth is we didn't start this company with any sort of goal in mind for it to become anything other than some cool shirts for our kids. But as we've sunk our feet in and splashed around in the water, our eyes have been opened to the platform we've built... and truly, you've built with us. And, well, we can't un-see what we've now seen. We have a voice and we have a lovely customer base that believes, like we do, in good. And we will continue on this path of using our voice for good. We hope you'll continue to join us.

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