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Equal pay for equal work. Let's talk…

Such an easy, straightforward concept, right? Let's not get into the minutia of “everyone does a job differently” and strengths vs weakness; let's just address the fact that women, flat out, in almost every profession, are paid less than men for the same role. It's not a subjective statement; the wage gap is a proven thing (like global warming, but we won't get into that today).

Because we can only change the world through our actions, take
action. Support local business that show their commitment to equal pay, state your expectations clearly to employers regarding salary, become involved in groups that show solidarity with organizations working to bring awareness to this issue, support equal rights by voting for candidates and policies that represent these values and, most important, expect accountability when the law is broken.

We can only serve ourselves if we serve each other, too.

Equal pay for equal work- 'cause no matter what's in your pants,
everyone likes money.

Today, a portion of our sales will be donated to the American Association of University Women. To learn more about how they are helping bridge the gap, please visit their site

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