Vintage African Mudcloth
Vintage African Mudcloth Vintage African Mudcloth Vintage African Mudcloth
These traditional African mud cloth textiles are hand-spun, hand-woven fabric sheets that are made one at a time. The loom is normally hand-held and makes a strip of cloth five to six inches wide. For a normal sized piece they will weave nine panels and then sew them together. The making of mud cloth normally takes four days to a week to complete depending on weather. No two pieces are the same, the patterns vary from one piece to the next. Excellent vintage condition. 

Can be used as a throw on a bed, a tapestry, or even fabric to make other textiles. Each vintage piece is unique and will vary slightly. 

Dimensions: 59 inches x 41 inches 

Care: It is always wise to test a swatch or small piece of any fabric to make sure the cleaning method and detergent is compatible with the fabric. Mudcloth can be cleaned with good results by a dry cleaner, machine washing or by hand washing. Be aware some dry cleaners will not clean hand made fabrics. If machine washing, place fabric in a lingerie bag and wash in cold water using the gentle cycle and a mild laundry detergent. The water will turn dark therefore at least initially the fabric should be washed by itself. You may have to rinse the machine before laundering other clothing. On initial cleaning by any method there may be some fading. Dry flat or hang dry. Mudcloth can also be pressed using a steam iron with good results.